According to Kabbalah, G-d’s first creation was the Hebrew alphabet. These letters are the individual forces which G-d combined into words and commandments. In this way He brought about Genesis. The midrashim about the creation of the Hebrew alphabet and its use as tools for the Genesis can be a source of unlimited fantasy and creativity for an artist.

Creation for website


Watercolor 30″ x 24″ According to the Kabbalah, the hidden meaning of the first phrase of the Torah:   ‘Bereshit barah Elokim et hashamayim ve’et ha’aretz”, is that G-d’s first act was to create the letters from Aleph to Taph (et). Read more →

Genesis #4 for website

Genesis IV

Watercolor & Collage 14″x 17″ This collage interprets the process of creation.    Here we find three Hebrew letters, symbolizing the entire Alephbet.  The ones depicted are: Aleph , first letter of the Alephbet; Mem, the middle letter; and the last one, Tav.   If we put these three letters together we obtain the word ‘EMET ‘ which means truth.… Read more →