A custom made Ketubbah is a heirloom to save for generations. I use symbols that are meaningful to you and your family. There is a wealth of Jewish traditions and sayings to choose from to adorn your personalized ketubbah. For example, in association with the Cohen or Levi tribes. In addition, symbols associated with your Hebrew names, sometimes surnames, as well as the initials of your names can be used to illuminate your ketubbah.

Please email the artist at raichman770 [at] gmail [dot] com for more information on how an original personalized Ketubah or anniversary ketubah can be created.

Please click on an image to see it enlarged, as well as to get an in depth description of the symbols and thought process used by the artist.

Schwartz ketubah for website

Schwartz Ketubah

Watercolor Private Collection This ketubbah has an oval shape which symbolizes life. The two decorated sectors celebrate the bride and the groom, respecctively. They each chose ‘pitgamim” (proverbs), that are significant for them, to decorate this part of the Ketubbah. The dove and the shabbes candles symbolize peace in a Jewish home. The two shaking hands are a traditional motif… Read more →