The Shoah

Artwork reflecting Shoah (holocaust) themes.

Please click on an image to see it enlarged, as well as to get an in depth description of the symbols and thought process used by the artist.

Yizkor #2

Yizkor (Memorial Box)

Memorial to my grandfather Avrumele who was murdered, in Poland, during the Holocaust.Those who knew him called him a “sheyner Yid”. My father’s tefilin are the only thing our family owns that was ever touched by my grandfather. With that in mind I designed this box. The inside has a broken and burned picture frame around his photo and a… Read more →

The Holocaust

The Shoah

Watercolor and Collage 23 1/2″ x 29 1/2″ This collage was made in rememberance of the artist’s grandparents, Avrumele and Bayla Rolnik, and aunts who were murdered, in Poland, during the Holocaust. The image is covered by red and black symbolizing fire and destruction. The gate of Aushwitz, with the words: Arbeit Macht Frei (works brings freedom) oversee the map… Read more →