יידיש רעדט זיך אליין (Yiddish Comes Naturally)

Mixed media on plexiglass and light bulbs

As a child growing up in South America, I often heard the expression: יידיש רעדט זיך אליין, ( Yiddish comes naturally). I was always amused by it, since it assumes that all Jews spoke Yiddish effortlessly.

The artist tried to capture a glimpse of her childhood, surrounded by immigrant adults who spoke Yiddish. The work was accomplished by utilizing three plexiglass planes, separated by a few inches and illuminated between. The children in the piece depict the artist. In order to give a child’s perspective, the adults are represented by tall legs, which are made up of pieces of Eastern European maps cut in the shape of pants and shoes and painted. The adults all have a foot in America, while the other is still positioned on the sea. This represents the immigrant experience, living two realities. The art piece is covered by the saying: ” Yiddish comes naturally!”